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App Development​​

[Web / PC / Mac / iPhone / iPad / Android / Blackberry]

We are at the forefront of user-centric application design and we understand what features users respond to and how to leverage the success of your existing brand into a web application. Our designers, developers and product managers attend multiple web conferences and workshops around the country every year. When developing, we start with Front-end (UI) Development; this is where the mockups and wireframes come to life. In addition to building a quick, simple and intuitive interface, we get serious about clean markup and programmatic design, and we have SEO in mind the entire time. Next is the Back-end Development; our back-end development teams usually work in a series of small, specialized groups. We have an interdisciplinary approach that requires our developers to be involved in the product planning phases and collaborate with the design and usability team, end-users and the client to make sure the technological decisions reflect your path of growth. If you tend to be more technical than the average user, you’ll enjoy the transparency in our development process. Our final step is Testing/Q&A; we utilize a number of testing platforms to constantly run through your application to test for “broken” functionality. This allows us to narrow down our testing to only the more behavioral/human oriented issues that tend to be related more to the way the site is used rather than its ability to perform the required functions. In addition to these measures, we have a dedicated team that takes the role of your end-users and performs visual and functional testing.

We are in the business of getting people to fall in love with our clients’ products and services. Through our creative ideas across all media and disciplines, we set out to turn your products and services into house hold names, which, unlike typical brands, generate loyalty beyond reason. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to differentiate and motivate. We create experiences that strengthen relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them—thereby helping our clients become talked-about experience brands.

What we do
- Launch products and brands
- Engage consumers, customers and communities
- Align employees and channels
- Build experience brands

& Marketing

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[Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Traditional and Mobile Display Advertising]

Digital Marketing &
Social Media Strategy

We believe that the best digital marketing strategies are the most cohesive ones. So we integrate SEO, SEM, analytics, link building, social media management and lead generation to help consumers find your brand or product. With a strong foundation in website design and development, mobile applications and marketing, search engine marketing and website analytics - TRG is able to provide well balanced, full service and right-sized solutions to clients of all shapes and sizes. We not only pursue the newest digital technologies - we also provide comprehensive, repeatable and time-tested processes and products to achieve marketing success. We are able to take existing or new brands and websites and create content and innovative approaches that allow us to develop highly successful digital strategies.

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